Rabbits this year

So for the last two years we have had a bumper crop of rabbits. I was told no coyotes equals more rabbit population. This little one thinks I can not see it but even if it does see us it does not run away. It gets along with the ducks, Blue Jays and Scrub Jays but tolerates the squirrels. With a pasture next door there is plenty of grass and food to support them.

Baby rabbit

Snow near the Yakima River

This image was taken a few years back when I was headed for the Tri Cities area while working. As I drove down the canyon along the Yakima River this was the view of the distant hills. The hills you see are the same ones from an earlier post of the dry hills of Eastern WA with the video Oak creek series 9. The terrain is diverse and changes with the seasons, wet and muddy in the rain season, icy and slick in the snow season and washboard the rest of the time. Still the area has its beauty. Also the Yakima is a well known catch and release fly fishing only river with many guided float trips and some shore fishing also.

Winters blanket

It was cold

Added this image taken years ago of a float trip starting in the Yakima river canyon near Ellensburg on its way to a day of Fly Fishing and fun!

Rubber raft on the Yakima

Drift fishing


Using Paint Shop Pro converting old B&W image to a color Image

Playing around with the Paint Shop Pro program and colorizing a B&W image to color was a challenge at first. A lot of experimenting with color selection and using layers to accomplish the end product. Since this image was taken around the early to mid 1950’s I could not remember the color of my shirt or pants, the hat was easy as I almost always wore a straw cowboy style hat. The color of my horse was easy as I will always remember her color.


B&W to color