Commercial Condo Pilot Project

The Farm


This was a fun project for me and I learned a lot in the process of shooting for a client that wanted full coverage. The Mayor of Lacey turned out for the ribbon cutting ceremony along with about 100 other people. There was a formal dedication and the usual credits for making the project work. The building style was country and there were old tractors and farm implements properly placed on the property to give the feeling of a farm like atmosphere. The owner and his wife along with the Mother of the owner had the building blessed and then there was the formal ribbon cutting and a parade through different offices within this part of the project. If all goes well there will be more expansion on this property under the same theme and principle. The owner wanted the brass weather vain captured in my photos so here it is.  

The main part of the new structure was  ready for occupancy and had a tenant moving in and I am sure the balance of this building is now occupied. I have many interior and exterior shots including some old farm implements like the ones I used as a kid on our farm many years ago. Surprisingly they are still in fairly good and usable shape. The weather provided the blue sky you see in the back ground instead of the normal gray sky we usually have. You can view their site at the following link: http: The Farm Lacey WA

Commercial Images For Sign Approval

 Proposed sign

The image to the left was one of a series of shots to show how a new sign would look at the front of the Manor so people passing by would know what type of business was at this site. The images were used to show the board just what the sign would look like and how easy it was to read. The sign has already made it easier for people to find the site for events, weddings and business meetings.  The sign was a drawing scanned into my computer and the applied to an image of the building with Photo Shop CS4 to make a realistic look. When you see the next image below you will see how close the drawing was to the real sign.


New Sign


This is the sign right after it was installed and I think it is real close to the image above that was used for our contact person to present to his board and the city for approval. The major difference was the placement that ended up closer to the street and has the city street light from across the street lighting the sign in the evening (Sort of Green) so signage lights were not needed to make the sign readable in the dark. The site is the South Sound Manor in Tumwater WA where they are having, Weddings, Meetings. and all kinds of events. Take a look at South Sound Manor  and decide for your self if the site meets your needs.

Photographing Pets Part Two

Another method that works for me is to photograph the pet or animal in their natural surroundings. Be it a cat like the one on the left or a bird dog on point in the field using natural surroundings many times makes for a more interesting image and lets your viewer enjoy the experience also. Not to say that studio and posed images aren’t as good just that many only take posed images and leave the tension out of the image. This yellow cat delighted in stopping in our back yard to catch some sun and just stare at the yard and of course he had his favorite stump to sit on.

I left the back ground the way it came from the camera including the chain link fence but I did up the contrast a little. This picture was taken with a now Old Nikon 5700 with clouds in the sky so the colors held up good. We have taken many pictures in the back yard to include some mallard ducks, Washington Douglas fur tree squirrels and of course the plentiful gray squirrels.

There is considerable cropping on this photo as the lens was not long enough to reach out there so I took it any way knowing I could crop and adjust the image to get the look I wanted and still capture the eyes as this cat could look right through you or totally ignore you if a bird or anything caught it’s interest.. I will post more back yard pet images later.