How It All Started

When I was young (a long time ago) I started an interest in photography because of my Uncle in a small town in California. Uncle Ray not only had a camera but he also had a dark room with the RED light and would take pictures then disappear into the dark room and come out with finished pictures. He would take me with him once in a while when he delivered beer in the Palm Springs – Indio – Desert Hot Springs areas which was his route. One time when we returned he took pictures of me standing in front of his delivery truck and I will post one or two when I find them.

I then grew a little in years and found I still wanted to use a camera so I sold seeds (from one of the major brands) to farmers to get enough credits for a small box camera with a fixed lens (about the size of a quarter) and started taking pictures (black and white only) on our farm of the horses and anything that got in my way. Needless to say the camera wore out quickly and was not replaced.

I then had to go to work and support a family so cameras were out at that time in my life. I did shoot a couple of weddings with a borrowed camera but I did not start again until I moved to Washington state. Where I ended up with a Yashica camera (used but in good condition) with one lens. I used that camera to take pictures of boats friends of mine made for there brochures and advertising. I also enjoyed taking images of Mount Rainier and the surrounding area and Pole Barns I constructed for my use. I then loaned the camera to a friend for his daughter to use while taking a class on Photography and it was stolen on the school bus.

From there I started the digital route first with a Nikon swivel body camera and a semi telephoto lens, then a Nikon 5700 digital camera of which I still have. Actually I have all of my digital cameras and they all still work. From there it was a Nikon D70 and a variety of lens for that camera. Now I have a couple of Nikon D200 bodies and the D70 body for three cameras and around five lens.

I started really getting back to my earlier desires and started doing a lot of image repairs and did a lot of scanning of our old family images to secure their survival. I also purchased the Nikon Wireless studio lights along with some Barn door lights, a few umbrellas and some cool lights (fluorescent bulbs) . Next came the back drop stands and some background cloth of different colors.

2 thoughts on “How It All Started

  1. I followed you story line and could actually see where your path and mine crossed based on your equipment progression. Your story fails to mention what a wonderful friend you are to any one that can benefit from your God given talents. As a friend, I appreciate you and your hobbies!

  2. Thank you Armando your friendship is also appreciated, you have been a good friend to us for a long time!

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