Beef Ribs With Corn On The Cob

So we had not done any beef ribs on the smoker/grill yet and we had to do something about that. I used the same basic plan as I do for pork ribs called 3- 2- 1 which is 3 hours on smoke, two hours swimming in apple juice wrapped in foil and one hour unwrapped and basted with sauce (sets the sauce). The corn went in during the last part of the cook and was delicious and tender.

Beef and corn on the cobb

Beef and corn on the cobb

Chicken And Peanut butter sauce noodles

So we did a meal together using the Pellet smoker for the chicken and Sharon did the Peanut Butter sauce and noodles. The chicken thighs were smoked/cooked skinless and had a good barbecue sauce applied as they cooked.

Skinless chicken thighs smoked/grilled and Peanut Butter sauce over noodles with a crisp salad. Does not get any better than this!chicken