Three emergency stoves

Stand alone complete cooking stove

Stand alone complete cooking stove

The Jet boil is by far the easiest to use and the ability to control the heat for cooking is what made me start with this one first. Also the igniter eliminates the need for a lighter, matches or striker rod! I have made bannock bread, soup and fried meat for lunch all of which turned out great. It is more than a device to boil water for drinking.


emberlit1The Emberlit multi fuel stove caught my attention and it does live up to it’s name. I can and have used wood scraps, Coughlin’s stove heat and the Esbit alcohol burner all to boil water so far in my tests.


This is my adapter for using the two alcohol burners and it is quit simple. A Myntz can, four bolts and eight (8) NUTS. I drilled four holes (one in each corner) for the bolts then I carefully used JB Weld on the four nuts inside of the can to keep them in place. The other four nuts are tightened up on the outside of the can for stability. I simply remove the outside bolts with the nuts and store them in the canister when not in use. I can adjust the height this way to meet my needs.


This is the Coughlin’s camp heat canister and even though it has a wick like a candle it will boil two measured cups of water in under three minutes.


This is the Esbit alcohol burner installed and ready to cook anything I would want cooked. I works with or without the cross bars depending on the base size of your pot!!

Esbit-alcHere is the Esbit stand alone burner with the alcohol fuel. It really does work and for those times when there is no dry wood in the PNW where I live it completes usage of the multi fuel stove. The newer Emberlit stove does have slots in the sides now that will hold this burner in place for cooking but since I had the older model I made the simple adapter above for next to nothing!