Now that I am semi retired with some time on my hands I decided to open two businesses in the Thurston County area and to pursue something I have always enjoyed full time. A few years back I started a company called Mikes Digital Solutions with the intent of using my sales knowledge my photography and digital editing skills to keep myself busy. I also volunteered my time and equipment to the company that I worked for along with a close friend shooting commercial events and products. We did photography for churches to be used in their Web Sites and brochures, grand openings of new businesses and open house events for local businesses. I did the photography for many company and agency needs for badge ID photos to hone my needed skills in commercial photography.

My friend and I did weddings also (volunteered) and this is where I took a liking to taking quality pictures and making people happy. Russ and I traveled around the state as he did his high definition video recording for his business (GloryScapes) where we did snow shots on Mount Rainier, wild elk in Eastern Washington. He was shooting video and I shot stills for my Web site and friends. We did a wedding together and I did shoot at his daughters reception in Centralia after her wedding for the family.

At this same time I started to have a serious need for image editing software and I started with a shareware program called Paint Shop Pro now owned by Coral Draw and have since advanced to Adobe CS 4 for my main editing software. The software has allowed me to grow and now I can do image repair and just about anything needed to turn out a decent image. Many of my co-workers have had a old picture that needed to be restored and saved in digital format. I also did photos of paintings (flat stock) for an artist friend to post on the Web and for his entry in National Art contests.

Russ and I have now started a new venture called ProPhotos365.com  for our exclusive wedding service and will be using additional licensed Commercial Photographers to handle the Weddings and events this coming year. Take a look if you have the time at our new Web page.

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