Photographing Pets

One of the challenges for me is the photographing of pets be it a cat, dog or horse you really have to spend some time to get the personality shot for that animal. I have spent a lot of time taking images of our Maltese, especially right after she has been to the groomer. Here Bailey was being held long enough for this image by my wife using one of her treats. I was after her eyes as she can stare right into you when she wants to. I used two lights and a wireless flash through umbrellas to soften the light (Bailey is bright white naturally) so her hair would not blow out.

This image has been made in to the back ground of a wall clock and has sold across the country. I also have made a poster from this image that Bailey presented to her vet a couple of weeks ago when she was having some blood tests done. Her groomer has the non sepia wall clock hanging in the parlor of his shop for all to see and I did the numbers in gold to stand out against her white hair. you can view or buy the wall clocks at this web page MDS Shop .

We have also done wild animals such as elk and big horn sheep while traveling the state to shoot high definition video with a friend that has a site called GloryScapes  where he uses the video and music to create religious DVD programs that now air on three satellite stations.

Another project with dogs is preparing photos for a friend of mine that raises and sell Old English Sheep Dogs where in this case he takes most of the images and then sends them to me for processing and posting. We had a lot of discussion before putting the site on line and Jan and Terry wanted a comfortable rather than commercial looking site. This was accomplished and they have now received inquiries from all over the world and yes all of the last three litters have pre-sold from the Internet pages. In simple terms people seem to enjoy and appreciate the images with captions to a point where Terry and Jan get emails telling them how the site is easy to use and the pictures are selling the puppies. For any one that would like to visit their site (all puppies are now sold out) you can visit at Woolly Rich Bobtails and see the puppies as they grew up and images from their new homes.