Custom Made Turkey calls


The calls here are custom made and come from the State of Washington and the state of Missouri. There are pot calls, scratch box calls and one crow locator call for your enjoyment. The background is from one of my camouflage shirts. The crow call is made in Tenino Washington, the wood is African Black Wood. The turkey feathers are from real wild turkeys.





Fly Fishing On The Yakima River

I was on my way to Yakima on a business trip when I decided to eat my lunch in the Yakima canyon and watch some drift fishing (flies only catch and release only) if I was lucky. As this raft went by it made a perfect image to adjust when I got home. This is converted to CMYK with the black sharpened and the other colors slightly blurred to give a nice effect. I have enjoyed this image for a number of years but not all images are going to work for the above method of processing. Enjoy.

Drift Fishing On The Yakima

Crow Call (custom made)

Just received my custom crow call made from African Black wood by RR Calls in Tenino WA.Used to locate turkeys in the wild as a shock noise. RR Calls can be found at this address  RR Custom Calls The call is made from African Black wood and is a reed system that really sounds like a crow. I hope with practice that I can get good use from this one.
Crow call

Custom Made Crow Call