Lake Roosevelt WA Scenic

Went to Lake Roosevelt for a three day vacation and Stayed at the Buck Canyon Lodge. The four pictures below were taken on this trip with the Trees On The Island  being what we saw each morning and evening. Two things about this area are the abundance of wildlife and the photo opportunities with in a thirty minute drive from the lodge and the wonderful facilities and food you will enjoy there. Here is a link to the lodge if you are interested in a great place to stay and great hosts as we discovered. The sumac below had just turned color and the Oregon Grape plants still had their blue colored berries so it made for a colorful picture. The ferry crosses Lake Roosevelt  to the reservation and a medical facility during the day and made a target for my camera lens on one of it’s crossings.
Sumac And Oregon Grape

Sumac And Oregon Grape Fall Colors


A Small Cove Near The Fery Dock
A Small Cove
Roosevelt Lake Ferry
Ferry on Roosevelt Lake
Roosevelt Lake Island
Trees On Island