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The Image above was salvaged for my client, but I would normally have hit the delete key on the first preview had I not known the feelings here. I decided to fix the image problem. This was shot in a dark room with a hot flash (one of those I have to get this one image) and the original flowers were stark white with white satin ribbons that really blew out. The new flowers are from the wedding and were shot as a bouquet picture that I re sized and sliced to fit the image. 

The value of this shot was both young girls (the brides nieces) just realized that their aunt was not going to be be home every evening as she now has a husband and new home and was leaving for good in their minds. It was an emotional time for all three and for me a time capsule image they will enjoy for a lifetime.   

The purpose of this information is that most pictures are posed and okay but a picture like this is worth the time it takes to fix as it is one not posed, two it has real meaning and raw emotion that can not be staged.   

I use this image on my website banner  as it is a reminder to take a second look and make sure I really want to hit the delete key.

I have salvaged images over the years that mean a lot to me and one that comes to mind is a photo of my dad in uniform with his Sheriff posse buddies and one horse. The issue was when the photographer took the image the second horse spooked and ran out of the picture leaving a gap between dad’s best friend and the next person. since I want to add this picture to a family group of pictures in our hallway I resolved the issue and cut out the blank area and moved the people together so it looks like there should have been only one horse. This meant a lot to me as I could not go back 40 plus years and recreate this particular picture of my father and his friends but I now have a great wall hanger that taught me a valuable lesson on fixing that what can be fixed.




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  1. Thanks for posting the picture of the Sheriff’s Posse, I remember four of them. A good group of men.

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