The dry hills of eastern WA Going from Green River to Ellensburg

This was an all day drive of over 100 miles. it was a lot rougher and steeper than the video shows as near the end of the video I had to stop and let the transmission cool down. The road was a washboard, the smaller rocks were the size of 8 balls (pool). Had we had turned west and headed to higher elevations we would have been back in the trees and near the old elk camp where I used to hunt. But it was a fun trip all things considered. I hope to make one more trip to the old A frame camp where my friends and I spent a lot of time.

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Brooklyn School to Raymond WA

So our last Jeep run was from the town of Oakville via the Town of Brooklyn and then using the Smith creek road to get to Raymond WA a small logging and fishing community. There we ate lunch at a diner now called the C&C Diner. The food was great and plentiful with great service. This video is about fifteen minutes long cut from over an hour of video



Recent trip to Gifford Pinchot forest with friends

This was a day long trip and getting home late in the evening. We were guided to the spots where these images were shot by my former boss who had been going to this area for many years. The roads are really washboard in nature but any reasonable vehicle can make this trip. It is worth the trip and we did not see any other people for most of the day, but do enter the area with a full tank of gas.


One of the first lakes we visited.


This is the entrance to Muddy Meadows with a short walk giving you a fantastic view of Mt Adams

Mt Adams mirrored in the lake!

This is the drainage for the lake

This is the other side of the drainage and I am told loaded with Crawdads.

A nice late setting on another lake!

My favorite of the day Mt Adams with lenticular clouds covering her peak!