From Dough to bread (Bannock on the Jet Boil)

Today I tried a theory of mine for using my Jetboil stove and my REI cook set and a cooling rack my wife ordered for me and the final item parchment paper. While I did scorch the paper the bread came out fine and now I will work on a heat diffuser so nothing gets too hot before the bread is done. Added some chopped up dates and walnuts to the batter for flavor. The bread after the bottom was lightly scraped was delicious it would go well with any meal in the back country.

The Batter ready to go

The Batter ready to go

Parchment paper ready for dough

Parchment paper over rack

Dough ready to cook

Main pan ready for the stove

Pan on the burner ready to start

On the burner

Bannock bread baking on the Jet Boil

Bread baking

Almost ready

Almost done

Bannock bread is done

Bannock is done

Bannock ready to eat

Bannock finished