Upgraded the Jeep Winch

The first item was forced by the remote winch cable receiver socket that was supposed to have five (5) pins. It had one broken off so the remote cable was useless without replacing the receiver socket. Since I was going to do that why not go wireless. I bought a new receiver socket and proceeded to install it. With that finished I ordered a wireless receiver and transmitter that works great, it came with two transmitters and about one hundred foot range, so after some serious getting things in place it works and I have not used the hardwire remote again. Below is a picture of the damaged hardwire socket with only four (4) of the five pins. And the second image is the wireless transmitter.


Should be 5 pins

Next I wanted to replace the wire cable on the winch with a synthetic line, which is stronger safer and lighter. Went out to a friends farm in Tenino and used his truck as an anchor to stretch the new line as we loaded in on the drum. What a difference in handling the new line versus the steel cable especially no little pieces of wire to poke your hands, I had a small tree I wanted to remove from the yard and the new line did its job!

Wall Drug Store South Dakota

On our trip to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore we stayed in Rapid City, We also went to the Badlands via back roads which worked out well as the way back to our hotel took us right by the Wall Drug store which has been there since 1931. You would not think the store could survive so far out off the beaten path but it has!! This image was taken from right in from of the store and I still wonder what is in those large silos (Silos are commonly used for bulk storage of grain, coal, cement, carbon black, woodchips, food products and sawdust)?? Google search says GRAIN! We brought home some reminders of that stop. I still drink coffee from the mug Sharon picked  out for me!!!!!


Snow near the Yakima River

This image was taken a few years back when I was headed for the Tri Cities area while working. As I drove down the canyon along the Yakima River this was the view of the distant hills. The hills you see are the same ones from an earlier post of the dry hills of Eastern WA with the video Oak creek series 9. The terrain is diverse and changes with the seasons, wet and muddy in the rain season, icy and slick in the snow season and washboard the rest of the time. Still the area has its beauty. Also the Yakima is a well known catch and release fly fishing only river with many guided float trips and some shore fishing also.

Winters blanket

It was cold

Added this image taken years ago of a float trip starting in the Yakima river canyon near Ellensburg on its way to a day of Fly Fishing and fun!

Rubber raft on the Yakima

Drift fishing


Using Paint Shop Pro converting old B&W image to a color Image

Playing around with the Paint Shop Pro program and colorizing a B&W image to color was a challenge at first. A lot of experimenting with color selection and using layers to accomplish the end product. Since this image was taken around the early to mid 1950’s I could not remember the color of my shirt or pants, the hat was easy as I almost always wore a straw cowboy style hat. The color of my horse was easy as I will always remember her color.


B&W to color

A Short One Day Trip to RockCandy Mountain

So I took a friend and went first to Porter Creek campground so he could see if his car would make it and if it was a place he could camp with family then we went on to Rock Candy Mountain as I had never been all the way to the top. We came across this rock quarry on the way and took a short break and took a few pictures. The trip to the top was interesting but all views were blocked by tree tops!!!

Amazing exposure of the different cracks in the black rock.

Klamath Falls Reunion

We took a couple rides in the Jeep while in the Klamath falls area, one was to the top of a butte and the other was to Crater lake. Beautiful country and scenery.

The first image is a radio and communications tower on top of a butte at 8022 feet elevation and a long rough 9 miles of switch back road,.Well worth the trip as the views were fantastic.

From the Butte we could see Mount McLaughlin miles away standing 9495 feet tall with a snow covered peak.

Here is some summer time snow left over from winter protected only by some sparse shade.

Next we went to the famous Crater lake and could only do the west side rim as the east side road was under construction for some badly needed repairs. This is a Island in the lake.

This is a wide angle picture of part of Crescent lake that I really like. It was a nice trip and we saw some beautiful landscapes on the way to the lake itself.

Beaver Utah and Bryce Canyon Trip

Here are a few images from our trip last week to Oregon, Idaho and Utah. The rock is the same rock my dad and I sat on 40 years ago and had Sharon take our picture “Memories”. We traveled over 2550 miles and had a great time met a neighbor of dads while in Beaver all in all a great trip!

Our Jeep on the bench in the sage brush above dads place


AspenTrees higher elevation on the Face of the mountain.

Aspen trees and log fence at the first lake on the “Loop”.


The rock dad and I sat on years ago for Sharon to take our picture.

Dad and I in the 70’s on his small farm in North Creek Utah on a trip with Sharon!

Many years ago on his last farm