Shooting In The Snow

Snow at Longmire Lodge 

This is the lodge on Mount Rainier where the skiers and the trail walkers come in from the snow to warm up and have a meal it is also a restaurant and hotel (booked way out in advance). We were shooting footage (video) for my friends video production company called Glory Scapes and he wanted snowing conditions which is what we found. If you have never been there it is a beautiful place with lots to do and lots of things to photograph. It was cold, snowing and we could not get up to the main observatory as they closed the roads beyond our parking lot. This image was shot with my D200 and my 70 to 200 mm VR Nikon lens. as was the image below.

 Snow and Country Store

This  is the “General Store” where they sell a varity of things all worth looking at and considering. The store sits below and beside the Lodge you see in the above image with a covered walk way between the buildings and yes the snow is half way up the side of the building. Notice the giant snow ball on top of the chimney (no fire now) that looks like a giant beach ball. There were a couple of trees that were broken off up high with the same kind of build up of snow. It was a great outing and Russ came home with a series of good footage and I have a bunch of snow pictures to enjoy.