Junior Senior Prom and Dance Elma High School

So last week we did the Elma High School Junior Senior Dance and Prom for about two hundred students. The school officials were great and the Students were a lot of fun to work with. We had two backgrounds to choose from, one with a theme of the dance and one was a more modern pattern and the latter was the one chosen the most by the students. We returned the following week and did the School Graduation Class of 2010 picture for the school wall and then individual portraits and fun shots. I used the Nikon wireless light system for the second time on the portrait session and I am impressed. The set up was two strobes with umbrellas on stands and a Nikon SU 8OO wireless controller using one of my D200 cameras.

Set up was simple and the system worked flawlessly for me, giving more than enough light and I had control of each flash from the camera. Recycle time was great and the students appreciated seeing the images first hand and picked the one they wanted from the shots I took. We delivered the picture packets and the year booklets to the teacher in charge of the dance for distribution to each student. All in all it was a success to me and a lot of fun also to work with a school where the students are fun and easy to be around.

We are already starting to work on next years packages for the students so they have more time to review what we offer and how much each option is. I did post the entire shoot on the secure site I maintain for students that wanted more copies of their pictures for family and friends. So far we have a shipped and completed one order from a student so that made it worth while for me.

Salvaged Wedding Image

Bride looking out at the audience
How not to do it


 One of the things I hate to see as a photographer is a wedding done by someone that does not know what they are doing, what equipment to use as the results are rarely acceptable. Things do happen such as equipment may fail or the distance allowed during a ceremony makes it difficult to properly expose an image. Some churches and venues have such a mixture of lights that without “filtered” flash proper white balance is almost impossible and harsh shadows are almost certain. And that is what has happened here with this image.       

Usable image

How to salvage an image

Here is the same picture cropped and worked on (approximately four hours) using many filters and most of the image editing procedures in PS 4 to create a memory for this bride. The color shift was the easiest correction, but the harsh shadow from the on board flash was the most difficult. Layers and many enhancements were used to make her day a good memory. This is the daughter of one of our friends from my wife’s work place. We were most happy to do this for her along with most of the images she received from the “paid” photographer.  Now many people can take reasonable pictures with digital cameras today but if there are any lighting or other distractions you will be better off to hire a professional and not be disappointed with the results, even if that photographer has to touch up a few images also.   

Artistic Touch To An Elk

Nice Bull Elk with a nice rack

Artistic Bull Elk

I traveled a lot because of my work and always took one camera with me on my business trips and some times it paid off with a good elk image or a great sunrise or sunset picture. This elk has been worked over in Photo shop with Little Ink Pot filters to give the chalk effect you see in the attached image. Usually I leave the elk images as shot except for some minor tweaking in contrast and a slight color correction but I needed a artistic image for a notebook cover I use a lot so this was the result. Many have commented on another site on this image but to me it is just an elk that was in the right place at the right time and of course I did take the camera. I will post a eastern WA sunset another time that was shot from my hotel room with the headlights showing in the unlit area and the sky looks like it was on fire. 

The little Ink Pot filters are great for artistic work on images and most of them are free. You can really do a change on a decent picture and get some nice results but it really helps if you start with a decent image rather than try and save a marginal image. Also some images do not lend them selves to processing and will look like your trying to salvage an image rather than applying an artistic process.