Capitol Forest Jeep run

We took the new Jeep out for a road test in Capitol forest to see how she would do. We aired the tires down to 25 lbs as we were mostly on gravel roads and wanted to have a smother ride.


Here we had reached our goal Capitol Peak just below the radio towers.

We reached the peak just below the radio towers.

We reached the peak just below the radio towers.

Since we were at the top and it was lunch time we parked and had a sandwich and enjoyed the fresh air and views.


This is truly what a tree farm looks like yes clear cuts replanting and harvesting a needed resource and trails for hiking, four wheeling, horse back riding,Trail bikes and  really just about any means of transportation you want!


Sadly all fun events end and this is the way back out to one of the main highways and back home. Near the end of this power line right of way is parking and restrooms for those that trailer their four wheeler’s or trail bikes. Maps for this area can be had at the DNR website or any DNR headquarters!

Mount Rainier Trip

We went to Mount Rainier, Randal, Packwood Morton and surrounding areas on a one day trip. We packed a lunch and ate it in a rest area just out of Packwood. The new Jeep did well and was averaging almost 19 miles per gallon. We only saw one deer and a few birds but the scenery was great as usual with the fall colors just starting. This was a shakedown trip preparing for a longer trip to Beaver Utah and surrounding areas.

Parking lot at a beautiful waterfall!

Parking lot at a beautiful waterfall!

Mount Rainier hiding in the clouds

Mount Rainier hiding in the clouds


Reflection Lake on the east side of Mount Rainier

Reflection Lake on the east side of Mount Rainier

One of the tunnels on the way to Packwood from the Mount Rainier park.

One of the tunnels on the way to Packwood from the Mount Rainier park.

Firebox Nano with Esbit Burner


The Firebox Nano on it’s first test run making soup with less than 2 ounces of Alcohol and simmered for over thirty minutes with the Esbit stove. The soup was comprised of my own dehydrated vegetables and Beef Jerky and the stove combination worked as advertised and had a lot of fuel left when the soup was finished.
Yes I used the simmer ring after the soup came to a boil, the liquid was over 3 cups and the vegetables and water were direct from the refrigerator.
I personally will use the stove with the Alcohol burner only and not wood as I see it as a quick hot drink or soup type meal stove at this time.
I know it would burn wood just fine but I have a larger Emberlit that can also use the alcohol stove or smaller pieces of wood so now I have a wood burner and an alcohol burner for emergency use along with a Jet Boil that I plan to use for actual cooking.
But to have a fire box stove that will fit in my shirt pocket is very nice!

Ready to go

Ready To go

The flame doing its jib

The flame doing its job

Almost done

Almost done

Ready to eat

Ready to eat

Smoked Steelhead On A Cedar Plank

So I was tired of the cost of store bought Cedar Planks and decided to do my own. I bought cedar fence boards and made my own. Sanded them until glass smooth and cut them to lengths that I could use for individual pieces.
The fish picked up the aroma of the cedar and a bonus was that the skin sticks to the board so serving is simple. Great for Salmon also!


Beef Ribs With Corn On The Cob

So we had not done any beef ribs on the smoker/grill yet and we had to do something about that. I used the same basic plan as I do for pork ribs called 3- 2- 1 which is 3 hours on smoke, two hours swimming in apple juice wrapped in foil and one hour unwrapped and basted with sauce (sets the sauce). The corn went in during the last part of the cook and was delicious and tender.

Beef and corn on the cobb

Beef and corn on the cobb

Chicken And Peanut butter sauce noodles

So we did a meal together using the Pellet smoker for the chicken and Sharon did the Peanut Butter sauce and noodles. The chicken thighs were smoked/cooked skinless and had a good barbecue sauce applied as they cooked.

Skinless chicken thighs smoked/grilled and Peanut Butter sauce over noodles with a crisp salad. Does not get any better than this!chicken

Cold Smoked Mixed Nuts

This method uses a smoke generator and no other heat source with the intent to create a lightly smoked flavor to the mixed nuts without the need of salt. I then store them when finished in a vacuum canister where they stay fresh and ready for snacking. The mat is supplied by Amazing Smoker Products as is the smoke generator.

Simple and foolproof products to use. The mat is fiberglass with a Teflon coating so there is a no stick benefit and easy clean up. The smoke generator will work with pellets or saw dust (food grade) for almost 12 hours and you choose the flavor you want..



Ribs on the smoker my way!

My first ribs on the Traeger pellet smoker/grill. I used the 3 – 2 – 1 – method of three hours of smoke, two hours while wrapped in foil with new sauce applied and then one hour unwrapped with new sauce applied to set the sauce and finish the cooking.

Here are the pork ribs after an overnight soak with our home rub ready to start the three hour smoke.



The ribs after the first hour of smoking.



The ribs after the three hours of smoke ready for more sauce and a two hour cook in foil.



The ribs wrapped and ready to be opened up and cooked for one more hour without the foil and with a new coating of sauce applied (this cook sets the sauce).


And after the last hour of cooking, the ribs are ready to be brought in and served for dinner. They were fall off the bone tender and very tasty!