Firebox Nano Stove Gen 2 with Trangia gas burner Review

So I ordered a Trangia gas burner that works in my new Firebox Gen 2 multi fuel stove to try out. I wanted to have a gas burner that was adjustable for cooking things that require low heat and the ability to sear and fry meat in one unit.

Let me say now I am very happy with the burner and the stove. The burner fit properly and the little stove as you will see is very sturdy. I first fried the pork chop in a little butter with a rub my wife makes for spices. I was able to control the heat and did not burn the meat but it was cooked to perfection. I then cut the pork chop up into bite sized pieces and added my home dehydrated vegetables, onions and a couple of jalapeno pepper rings along with four cups of water to make my soup. So below are four images from starting the pork chop to simmering the soup in my camping pot. It made three lunches for me.


The pork chop in the skillet ready for frying

Ready for the fire

Ready for the fire

The Trangia burner not at full flame but just right to brown and fry the pork chop.

Trangia Gas Burner

Trangia Gas Burner

The finished pork chop ready to be cut up and added to the Pork Chop Soup. I tasted a piece from the skillet and it was done and not dry, very tasty!!


Pork Chop ready for the soup

And the camping kettle with all of the ingredients simmering away. This was the real test as I could really control the heat to my needs and also I did not have to worry about running out of fuel.

Soup cooking on the Firebox gen 2

Soup cooking on the Firebox gen 2

The Gen 2 Firebox nano is now capable of using four different kinds of fuel to cook with and boil water to make it safe to drink. One is of course scrap wood and branches, two is an Esbit Alcohol burner, three is fuel tablets and the last but not the least is the Trangia Gas Burner.

Side note: The Trangia gas burner uses the same fuel canisters as my Jet Boil so in essence I have the ability to have two gas burner stoves with the same fuel supply (one container per stove).

From Dough to bread (Bannock on the Jet Boil)

Today I tried a theory of mine for using my Jetboil stove and my REI cook set and a cooling rack my wife ordered for me and the final item parchment paper. While I did scorch the paper the bread came out fine and now I will work on a heat diffuser so nothing gets too hot before the bread is done. Added some chopped up dates and walnuts to the batter for flavor. The bread after the bottom was lightly scraped was delicious it would go well with any meal in the back country.

The Batter ready to go

The Batter ready to go

Parchment paper ready for dough

Parchment paper over rack

Dough ready to cook

Main pan ready for the stove

Pan on the burner ready to start

On the burner

Bannock bread baking on the Jet Boil

Bread baking

Almost ready

Almost done

Bannock bread is done

Bannock is done

Bannock ready to eat

Bannock finished


Firebox Nano with Esbit Burner


The Firebox Nano on it’s first test run making soup with less than 2 ounces of Alcohol and simmered for over thirty minutes with the Esbit stove. The soup was comprised of my own dehydrated vegetables and Beef Jerky and the stove combination worked as advertised and had a lot of fuel left when the soup was finished.
Yes I used the simmer ring after the soup came to a boil, the liquid was over 3 cups and the vegetables and water were direct from the refrigerator.
I personally will use the stove with the Alcohol burner only and not wood as I see it as a quick hot drink or soup type meal stove at this time.
I know it would burn wood just fine but I have a larger Emberlit that can also use the alcohol stove or smaller pieces of wood so now I have a wood burner and an alcohol burner for emergency use along with a Jet Boil that I plan to use for actual cooking.
But to have a fire box stove that will fit in my shirt pocket is very nice!

Ready to go

Ready To go

The flame doing its jib

The flame doing its job

Almost done

Almost done

Ready to eat

Ready to eat

Three emergency stoves

Stand alone complete cooking stove

Stand alone complete cooking stove

The Jet boil is by far the easiest to use and the ability to control the heat for cooking is what made me start with this one first. Also the igniter eliminates the need for a lighter, matches or striker rod! I have made bannock bread, soup and fried meat for lunch all of which turned out great. It is more than a device to boil water for drinking.


emberlit1The Emberlit multi fuel stove caught my attention and it does live up to it’s name. I can and have used wood scraps, Coughlin’s stove heat and the Esbit alcohol burner all to boil water so far in my tests.


This is my adapter for using the two alcohol burners and it is quit simple. A Myntz can, four bolts and eight (8) NUTS. I drilled four holes (one in each corner) for the bolts then I carefully used JB Weld on the four nuts inside of the can to keep them in place. The other four nuts are tightened up on the outside of the can for stability. I simply remove the outside bolts with the nuts and store them in the canister when not in use. I can adjust the height this way to meet my needs.


This is the Coughlin’s camp heat canister and even though it has a wick like a candle it will boil two measured cups of water in under three minutes.


This is the Esbit alcohol burner installed and ready to cook anything I would want cooked. I works with or without the cross bars depending on the base size of your pot!!

Esbit-alcHere is the Esbit stand alone burner with the alcohol fuel. It really does work and for those times when there is no dry wood in the PNW where I live it completes usage of the multi fuel stove. The newer Emberlit stove does have slots in the sides now that will hold this burner in place for cooking but since I had the older model I made the simple adapter above for next to nothing!

First Canadian Bacon in the smoker

So as I did a few slabs of regular bacon I decided to do some Canadian bacon one to see if we liked it and two we think with the less fat it has it might be better for us in the long run. Time will tell but it sure does taste good to me!!!!

Ready to slice

Ready to slice


Canadian Bacon Sandwich

First BLT Canadian style



Home Made Bacon

So we decided to make our own bacon this last week and found a method on the following site:

The process takes a week most of which is brining the meat to cure it for safe storage. A daily massage of the pork in zip lock bags to  insure complete curing which makes it bacon not pork belly. It is tasty not salty and much better than store bought bacon.

First was the brine, then the smoking and then trimming up the slabs for freezing, (of course a little taste test on the way!!

In The Smoker

Smoked and cooling Test Pieces Cooking Bacon bits freezing



Smoked Steelhead On A Cedar Plank

So I was tired of the cost of store bought Cedar Planks and decided to do my own. I bought cedar fence boards and made my own. Sanded them until glass smooth and cut them to lengths that I could use for individual pieces.
The fish picked up the aroma of the cedar and a bonus was that the skin sticks to the board so serving is simple. Great for Salmon also!


Beef Ribs With Corn On The Cob

So we had not done any beef ribs on the smoker/grill yet and we had to do something about that. I used the same basic plan as I do for pork ribs called 3- 2- 1 which is 3 hours on smoke, two hours swimming in apple juice wrapped in foil and one hour unwrapped and basted with sauce (sets the sauce). The corn went in during the last part of the cook and was delicious and tender.

Beef and corn on the cobb

Beef and corn on the cobb