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Turkey Hunting Images

Some time ago I decided to start hunting wild turkeys with a couple of long time friends. So we got together and started putting a trip together to try our luck at these wiley birds. Since then we found a place that has room and board along with private leased land to hunt on. We each picked out our Turkey Gun and shells some calls and camouflage clothing and off we went to the patterning board.
I am a gadget type of person so I added a turkey hunting vest to carry my stuff in and a range finder to set up my decoy turkey so I would know the shooting distance when one said Tom turkey presented it self. Now I did not figure this out on my own but I did a lot of research on the Web by looking up turkey hunting forums. I will list links to the ones that offered me the most (in my opinion) accurate information.
Here are some of my favorite Turkey hunting sites that I use to educate myself on turkey hunting:

Old Gobbler . Com  This was my first forum that is dedicated to ethical turkey hunting.

Gobbler Nation  A spin off group of hard core turkey hunters with a good amount of information.

Hunt Washington  All kinds of groups on hunting and fishing topics and weapons for sport will be found here.

Here Are Some Links To Call Makers
And Miscellaneous Providers:
Mother Lode Turkey Calls   I have a number of his calls and they are great!
Wood Butcher Calls   I use the Rain Chalk sold here because of our wet weather (It works).
R R Calls   I have and use two of his "Crow locater calls" He also makes bear calls of quality
Morgan's Turkey Callers   Worth looking at also
Buck Canyon Lodge   This is where I stay and hunt in Eastern WA Great people there!
Carlson's choke Tubes  This is where I buy my choke tubes for Turkeys and Coyotes