Links To Sites Of Interest

Smoker And Dehydrator Sites I Use


A site for Pellet smoker/grills called Pellet heads where you will find tips on Pellet smokers and user recipes and methods, well worth a visit if you are using a pellet smoker/grill or even thinking of getting one.
PelletHeads forum

One of my new favorites is a site called Amazing Ribs that has a couple of recipes for home made bacon and of course other meat products that are cured, smoked and barbecued. I did the bacon and the first try with his instructions did it for us!
Amazing Ribs

Looking for a special recipe or way of cold smoking cheese meats and nuts, this site is for you and you will not be sorry. He reviews smokers, spices rubs and recipes. Also if you look around you will see his recipes and videos that go step by step on his method of smoking and barbecuing. Well worth some time and a real source for methods and ways to get it done!
Smoking Pit

Here is another site I use that specializes in NO SALT RUBS AND SPICES for those of us watching our salt intake. I use and enjoy their spices as does my wife and now do not miss the salt that was in my daily diet. Give them a look and check out their product line you will not be disappointed.
Oregon Flavor Rack