Commercial Condo Pilot Project

The Farm


This was a fun project for me and I learned a lot in the process of shooting for a client that wanted full coverage. The Mayor of Lacey turned out for the ribbon cutting ceremony along with about 100 other people. There was a formal dedication and the usual credits for making the project work. The building style was country and there were old tractors and farm implements properly placed on the property to give the feeling of a farm like atmosphere. The owner and his wife along with the Mother of the owner had the building blessed and then there was the formal ribbon cutting and a parade through different offices within this part of the project. If all goes well there will be more expansion on this property under the same theme and principle. The owner wanted the brass weather vain captured in my photos so here it is.  

The main part of the new structure was  ready for occupancy and had a tenant moving in and I am sure the balance of this building is now occupied. I have many interior and exterior shots including some old farm implements like the ones I used as a kid on our farm many years ago. Surprisingly they are still in fairly good and usable shape. The weather provided the blue sky you see in the back ground instead of the normal gray sky we usually have. You can view their site at the following link: http: The Farm Lacey WA